About Free Essays and Essays Databases

An Overview of the Essay Industry

The essay writing industry is saturated by a plethora of different essay companies that seem to offer endless services, yet in reality these can be grouped into smaller brackets. One of the most used by students are the free essays services. These provide free essays on the net for you to peruse, and are provided to gain revenue from advertisers and to link to other payment based essay services. As far as free things go free essays are useful, however they are free for one reason – they are often not good enough to be sold.

In addition, the whole world has instant access to these, the universities, the colleges, your tutor, and your classmates, meaning that any benefit form getting the free essays is going to be very small indeed. Of course there is another problem with free essays, they are rarely going to be tailored to your exact essay question. Then there is the essay database services. Often essay databases allow you to go and check their databases for a set fee – these often provide essays that are slightly better than the free essays, mainly because of the sheer number of essays provided.

These, and the free essays sites, are the ones that result in most students getting caught for plagiarism, as what the sites don’t tell is that nearly all colleges and universities subscribe to essay databases and their plagiarism software can pick them up in an instant. We use the same software at aietallahabad.com to check all our work, and its is powerful stuff. The software can detect how much of an essay has been plagiarized and then also shows you exactly where it has come from. Then there are the custom essay writing services of which we are one. Custom wring services write your work from scratch. However, some are anything but custom writers. They get their “custom essays” from free essays on the net and from other essay databases, resulting in the problems that are often complained of by users of essays services. The work will usually appear irrelevant, incoherent and poor qulaity – all the signs of a cut and pasted “custom essay”.

In addition, these sites are able to undercut genuine custom wring sites by offering prices at crazy levels such as 10 dollars per page, and can carry out essay work of up to 8,000 words in a day. Of course, unless they’ve got the greatest and quickest essay writer in the world writing all essays for peanuts, its not difficult to imagine how they operate. We guarantee the quality of all work, maintain no internal database of essays, and plagiarize scan all work to ensure that you get fully customized essay writing every time.