Check out the List of Top Professions of the Future

Top ten careers of the future

Choosing the subject, you want to study isn`t easy, as you have to consider all the pros and cons. You should pay attention to the demand of the profession, whether it will be needed in the future.According to the recent researches, we offer you to check out the list of the future careers. Depending on the automatization and innovations, the job market will look in the following way in some years.

So, check out the list of careers according to Nesta company report, and think well which one to choose to get success in the future.


True professionals will be needed in the future to work in various spheres. That`s why there will be necessary to provide people with good education. Qualified teachers will come to the first place here, as they are people, who can prepare real experts, candidates for future jobs.

Teachers can not be changed by automation, robots are not ready to learn interpersonal skills yet.

Sports Therapists

Young people are becoming more interested in gyms than in nightclubs nowadays. That`s why personal trainers are getting more and more job, as they are to assist people to achieve their goals. Moreover, there`s always be work for sports therapists and nutritionists as they also help people become healthy and stay fit.


It`s becoming more and more popular to buy local, authentic things and to use such services. So, people of the professions like Coffee Roasters, Butchers and Barbers will definitely achieve even more success with their work.

Qualified Tradespeople

Of course, a lot of things today have been automated and robots can do lots of stuff instead of people. But sometimes machines need to much time to complete some important tasks, that`s why qualified tradespeople like Joiners, Glass Makers and Home Decorators can be calm, as they won`t lose their jobs at least during the next 10 years.

Hospitality and Catering Professionals

Tasty food and beverages will be always in demand, people always want something special and unusual. That`s why the profession of a chef, barista and bartender will be actual, still, if you are responsible for fresh enthusiasm in your work.


More people move to the big cities in the search for work, so they need to live somewhere. All types of engineers are important, as they are responsible for building and road constructions, they also connect people to the Internet and light. So, engineers should only develop their skills to succeed.

Healthcare Experts

People live pretty longer now and we all need specialists in the medical sphere. Doctors, nurses are necessary to help us lead a healthy lifestyle and check the conditions of our health. They will be in demand in the future either, despite the widespread usage of technologies.


But this world is not only about people but our pets as well. We`ll definitely need vets in the future to look after our pets and cure them in case of emergency.


Salespeople are original and flexible, they are much better than robots in the sales market. So, this profession will stay popular long enough.


Designers in all fields, marketers, won`t lose their necessity as well as writers, who create own books or work in such services like will only win from the technologies introduction. So, if you feel like doing something creative and by your hands, then go on and you`ll achieve great results.